Affirmative action/racial preferences

Law Schools and Diversity Standards

Members of U.S. civil rights panel clash over proposed changes in accrediting language on use of race in admissions.

New Arguments on Affirmative Action

Are Asian college applicants systematically discriminated against? Are law schools to blame for unhappy black lawyers?

Is the Schoolhouse Door Open?

A new trial will determine whether Alabama's public colleges and universities are sufficiently desegregated.

A Different Diversity Debate

U.S. civil rights panel takes up K-12 cases, which many say will have reverberations throughout higher education.

UCLA Revamps Admissions

Following drop in black enrollments, university rethinks how it will pick its freshman classes.

Progress, But Only Partial

Enrollment of black freshmen at U. of Kentucky rebounds from last year's drop, but officials know harder work is ahead.

Going Beyond 10%

University of Texas might win approval to put controversial admissions law on hold.

Justice O'Connor's Deadline

When Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Supreme Court decision three years ago upheld the use of race in admissions, most college officials were jubilant. Absent the use of some preferences, colleges said, competitive institutions would experience a sharp drop in black and Latino enrollments.

Affirmative Action for Gay Students

With kids coming out in high school, admissions officers discuss whether to give them preferences. At least one college has such a policy.

New Salvos on Affirmative Action

With referendum approaching, critics release admissions data showing gaps by race at U. of Michigan, which says numbers are distorted.


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