Affirmative action/racial preferences

Is EEOC Backpedaling?

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New letter on colleges' job advertising endorses alternative to indicating interest in candidates from certain groups.

Now and Then: Minorities and Michigan

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Proportion of underrepresented students admitted to Michigan law school fell from about 40 percent with affirmative action to 5.5 percent without.

The Supreme Court's Ruling on Race

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The U.S. Supreme Court today struck down -- on a 5-4 vote -- two school desegregation plans that involved assigning children to schools based on race.

Mixed Messages on Affirmative Action

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Supreme Court decision cites ruling that permitted use of race, but emphasis suggests colleges can expect more scrutiny.

Provocative Theory on Merit

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Research argues that if elite colleges abandoned the SAT, they could have diverse classes without affirmative action.

Faith and Fairness

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After legal victory in religious discrimination case, former Broward Community College instructor has more to prove.

Understanding Gaps Among Asian Groups

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GAO study points to widely varying educational attainment and income of different nationalities in the United States.

Race (Still) Matters

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Amid legal and political defeats for affirmative action, sociologists present new research to illustrate the continuing impact of racial inequities.

Who Gets In -- and Why

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What are the roles of race, money and athletic talent? How is merit defined? A sociologist spent 18 months in an admissions office, and shares the tensions and idealism he found.

Race-Based Aid, After a Statewide Ban

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To bypass legal restrictions, the University of Michigan's alumni association will start awarding scholarships next fall based partially on race and gender.


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