Affirmative action/racial preferences

Defeat for Affirmative Action

Settlement forces 27 university programs for prospective journalism students to open admission to white applicants.

Mulling Ways to Add Minority Coaches

Lamenting lack of racial diversity in college coaching ranks, Congressional subcommittee says it would consider legislation.

Making Holistic Admissions Work

Oregon State model may avoid legal pitfalls -- while improving both diversity and retention.

When Discussions Change Minds

Study finds campus dialogue with racially diverse participants altered student views -- but conversation among those with differing views didn't.

New Approach to Diversity

Colgate asks hiring departments to keep excellence as top priority, but to alter pools by de-emphasizing subfield specialties.

10 Percent Plan Survives in Texas

At last minute, legislators refuse to alter admissions system credited with promoting diversity.

Is EEOC Backpedaling?

New letter on colleges' job advertising endorses alternative to indicating interest in candidates from certain groups.

Now and Then: Minorities and Michigan

Proportion of underrepresented students admitted to Michigan law school fell from about 40 percent with affirmative action to 5.5 percent without.

The Supreme Court's Ruling on Race

The U.S. Supreme Court today struck down -- on a 5-4 vote -- two school desegregation plans that involved assigning children to schools based on race.

Mixed Messages on Affirmative Action

Supreme Court decision cites ruling that permitted use of race, but emphasis suggests colleges can expect more scrutiny.


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