Affirmative action/racial preferences

Affirmative Action Challenged Anew

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Lawsuit against U. of Texas raises novel question: If a university has diversity success with a "percent plan," does that preclude doing more?

Admissions by Software

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New technology, designed to help colleges attract diverse classes without legal challenges to affirmative action, will get first use in decision making.

Not So Super Tuesday

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Opponents of affirmative action thought they could ban it in 5 states this Election Day. Now they can only hope for 3. A look at what might be ahead.

Challenging Beliefs on Asian-American Students

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New analysis suggests that convention wisdom is wrong -- and that stereotypes are preventing necessary discussion about education needs and trends.

Inquiry Into Alleged Anti-Asian Bias Expands

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Education Department converts complaint of one rejected applicant to Princeton into a broad "compliance review" of the university's admissions system.

Diversity Meets Data at George Mason Law

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Statistics reveal a vastly greater academic failure rate among African-American versus other students, raising questions about ABA diversity standards and the effectiveness of outreach programs.

McCain Comes Out Against Affirmative Action

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In reversal of earlier position, candidate backs state ballot measures to bar public colleges and universities from considering race in admissions and hiring.

Turning the Tables on Affirmative Action Foes

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Colorado group challenges Ward Connerly's latest referendum by trying to put its own anti-quota measure on the fall ballot -- in a way that would preserve current diversity programs.

Attacking the 'Mismatch' Critique of Affirmative Action

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One of the more influential and controversial studies of affirmative action in recent years came from Richard H. Sander in 2004. The law professor at the University of California at Los Angeles analyzed statistics about black law students and argued that they show that affirmative action hurts them by helping many gain admission to institutions where they are unlikely to be top students.

Clarence Thomas, Champion of Black Colleges

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Supreme Court justice urges educators to respect their mission -- and also reflects on his early days, desegregation and affirmative action.


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