Affirmative action/racial preferences

Gender Impact

State efforts to eliminate affirmative action may focus on race, but they can also destroy programs for female students, says a new report.

A New Attack on Standardized Tests

U. of California, which helped prompt changes to the SAT, now questions dependence on PSAT in awarding National Merit Scholarships.

Unequal Progress

College participation rates for young adults are increasing for most demographic groups, but so are the gaps between some groups.

Different Results, Same Policy?

Study finds big drop in number of low-scoring students admitted to U. of California, a year after a regent blasted the university.

Debating Equity and Excellence

A new book urges colleges to give low-income students the same admissions edge they give to children of alumni.

Texas and the 10% Plan

Legislators pass competing proposals to revamp the law that guarantees admission to students based on high school class rank.

Outrage Over Diversity Plan

Professors at U. of Oregon denounce plan to consider "cultural compentency" in tenure and promotion decisions.

The Decline of Affirmative Action

New data document dramatic drop -- especially at public institutions -- in percentage of colleges that consider minority status in admissions.

Diversity or Conformity

Professors say search committees too frequently doom minority candidates.

Hostile Climate?

A community college district in San Jose brings in an outside investigator amid complaints of mistreatment of black and Latino educators.


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