Safety and security

College police say recent incidents serve as reminder of dangers of the job

After killing of Wayne State officer and attack at Ohio State, campus police reflect on dangers of the job.

Student injures 11 people in knife, car attack at Ohio State

University police officer shoots and kills student who drove into a crowd and then started attacking people with a butcher knife.

Colleges sued by students for negligence turn to 'victim blaming' in defense

Saying victims are to blame, at least in part, for their sexual assaults is a legal tactic used by many colleges accused of negligence.

Few examples exist of armed civilians preventing mass shootings on campuses

That's the claim of concealed carry supporters, but the evidence is limited and clear examples are few and far between.

Campus police use of semiautomatic rifles increasingly common at colleges

Northeastern University butts heads with local police over its decision to arm campus officers with semiautomatic rifles, but the practice is increasingly commonplace for college law enforcement agencies.

In two weeks, more than a dozen campuses targeted by threats of violence

In November, more than a dozen college campuses have been targeted by shooting and bomb threats, with many of them threatening black students.

Shootings at six HBCUs in under a month draw scrutiny

No college is immune from gun violence, but historically black colleges and universities may face unique challenges.

Campaign will use dildos to criticize new "campus carry" law in Texas

U of Texas students and alumni plan campaign around idea that openly carrying a sex toy on campus would be against rules, but carrying a weapon would be permitted.

Senator McCaskill suggests 'removing' campus crime disclosure law

At campus safety meeting, Sen. Claire McCaskill says she'd like to scrap the Clery Act, eliciting cheers from campus officers and criticism from some supporters of the campus security law.

Rulings mixed in recent lawsuits over police records at private colleges

Ohio Supreme Court rules that sworn police departments at private colleges are subject to open-records laws. A judge in Indiana disagrees.


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