Safety and security

Campaign will use dildos to criticize new "campus carry" law in Texas

U of Texas students and alumni plan campaign around idea that openly carrying a sex toy on campus would be against rules, but carrying a weapon would be permitted.

Senator McCaskill suggests 'removing' campus crime disclosure law

At campus safety meeting, Sen. Claire McCaskill says she'd like to scrap the Clery Act, eliciting cheers from campus officers and criticism from some supporters of the campus security law.

Rulings mixed in recent lawsuits over police records at private colleges

Ohio Supreme Court rules that sworn police departments at private colleges are subject to open-records laws. A judge in Indiana disagrees.

Senate hearing explores law enforcement's role in campus sexual assault

Senate hearing considers whether law enforcement role has been missing in the debates over sexual assaults on campus.

Research universities say they'll conduct sexual assault surveys amid federal pressure

Amid growing pressure on colleges to conduct campus climate surveys, a group of research universities says it will voluntarily implement the tool, which is aimed at gauging attitudes toward sexual violence on campus. 

U. of Wisconsin faces criticism over list of safety tips

UW Madison told students that "if you present yourself as easy prey, then expect to attract some wolves." Many said that advice misses the point when it comes to preventing campus sexual assault.

At college sexual assault summit, talk of apologies and 'toxic' climates

At a conference organized by Dartmouth College, officials from more than 60 colleges discuss their responsibilities to students who've been assaulted; federal regulation; and the "toxic" culture in which they operate.

Should expulsion be the default discipline policy for students accused of sexual assault?

Colleges facing criticism over their handling of sexual assault allegations debate whether the best policy is to automatically kick out those found guilty.

For extra eyes and ears, many institutions employ student security guards

Jon Meis's heroism -- displayed when the 22-year-old engineering student pepper-sprayed and tackled a gunman at Seattle Pacific University -- is rare. The phenomenon of students working for campus security, however, is common, experts say.

Shooter kills one, injures others at Seattle Pacific U.

Man charged with murder after killing one and injuring two others at Seattle Pacific U. Another student is hailed as a hero for using pepper spray against killer while he was trying to reload weapon.


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