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UMass Amherst Occupy protest resembles Irvine case

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Occupy movement's orchestrated disruption of lecture resembles controversial 'Irvine 11' case, but ends in no arrests.

North Carolina Supreme Court upholds use of Davidson police force

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North Carolina Supreme Court upholds authority of police forces at religious colleges.

Student deaths less common than estimates suggest, study finds

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Students die less often from suicide, alcohol and other causes than previously thought, says new study that gathered data directly from colleges. But its methodology may prove controversial.

'Last Day on Earth'

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The life of the Northern Illinois grad who killed 5 there is recounted in new book -- with lessons for colleges on gun control, mental health and what they do right.

Guns Come to Campuses

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As more states allow concealed carry, colleges reluctantly make changes.

No Punch For Energy Drink Ban

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With Four Loko off the market, Red Bull becomes the target. But one university's attempt at prohibition is off to a rocky start.

New Scrutiny for Sex Assault Cases

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Jury finds Sewanee negligent in its handling of a judicial hearing stemming from a rape accusation.

Data Breaches Hit More Campuses

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Review of news sources and databases shows an increase in the number of both security incidents and affected institutions in the last year.

Rights of the Accused

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As faculty and administration at Southern Illinois at Carbondale hammer out a policy for sexual harassment claims, professors fear for due process rights.


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