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U.S. finds Tufts is violating rules on sexual assault, amid larger crackdown

As Obama administration unveils new guidance for combating sexual assault on campus, dispute between Tufts and federal officials underscores tensions.

Unusual presidential candor at U.Va. sexual misconduct conference

Presidents whose campuses have been shaken by sexual misconduct speak about the issue with unusual candor at a University of Virginia "dialogue."

Obama task force on sexual assault to seek input from colleges

A federal task force convened by President Obama takes government enforcement even further, but promises to consult with college officials this time.

Before a suicide, OCR again tells colleges not to remove self-threatening students

Amid persisting confusion about when colleges can involuntarily remove a self-threatening student, Education Department again signals it's not permissible -- in an investigation that ends in a student's suicide.

Florida appeals court rejects right of public universities to regulate guns on campus

Florida appeals court rules that, in most cases, public colleges and universities can't regulate weapons on campus.

Montana adjusts to life as a 'blueprint' for sexual assault response

Montana didn't ask to be the national model for sexual assault response, but after a series of alleged rapes, the U.S. government made it so. Staff members and students adjust to expansive policies and a spotlight that isn't dimming.

Firing of sexual assault activist and Swarthmore R.A. raises questions about mandatory reporting

The firing of a Swarthmore resident assistant who accused the college of mishandling sexual assault -- but would not reveal details of a case -- highlights nuances of students as mandatory reporters, a growing issue.

Accused of rape, men allege discrimination under Title IX

Some male students accused of rape are suing colleges, saying they are the victims of sex discrimination. Experts doubt they will succeed, but cases could focus more attention on due process issues.

Student activists spur sexual assault complaints, but some say Education Department is overstepping its bounds

Student activists have shined a national spotlight on sexual assault on campuses, but others are encouraging colleges to fight back against federal rules they say are overreaching.

After Boston bombings, colleges revisit security at major events

In wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, some colleges have already strengthened security measures. Experts urge revisiting emergency procedures, but caution against overreaction.


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