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College presidents urge Obama to act on gun violence, pledge support

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Hundreds of college presidents sign open letters written by their colleagues, vowing to help Obama in curbing violence.

Amid rape investigations, University of Montana requires all students to take tutorial before enrolling

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U. of Montana requires all students to take and pass online tutorial on sexual assault before registering. Some say the approach is appropriate on a campus marred by accusations of rape; others question its fairness.

Hate crime hoaxes present burdens, lessons for college campuses

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Why do such incidents seem to occur year after year? And how should colleges handle them?

Ohio court asks university to give back pay to professor who made shooting reference

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A frustrated professor said he wasn't serious when he talked about shooting students, but Bowling Green suspended him without pay. Ohio appeals court says he deserves back pay.

Colleges create child abuse policies after Penn State scandal

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Many institutions are creating new child protection policies and reporting procedures in response to sexual abuse allegations at Penn State University, and they're discovering that the issues are complex.

OCR dear colleague letter prompts big change in sexual assault hearings at UNC

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In perhaps the biggest campus change yet from a federal push for more accountability on sexual harassment allegations, North Carolina decides its unique student-run court is not fit for such hearings.

Counselor faculty consultations on rise since Virginia Tech

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Five years after the tragic killings at Virginia Tech, counseling centers report that they are much more likely than in the past to hear from professors who are worried about a student.

Student's letter causes stir at UMass

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Student hand-delivers a message asking for friendship, criticizing campus culture, and asking classmates to gather at a campus location. He didn't get reaction he was looking for.

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