Choices for Brandeis

Should a liberal arts university even think about phasing out instruction in ancient Greek?

Rethinking Requirements

Stanford elevates "ethical reasoning" in general education program; some fear diversity issues are getting downgraded.

How to Save a Program

Two universities work together to try to save a doctoral degree in audiology that one of them abandoned as a money loser.

A Law Degree in 2 Years

The University of Dayton's law school has become the first in the nation to offer a five-semester program, instead of the traditional six.

Until last year, the American Bar Association required six semesters, so the option Dayton is offering was impossible. Dayton's program, under which students can take their first semester in the summer, will make it possible for student to obtain a law degree in just two years. Students still have the option of a six-semester program.

Redefining Liberal Education

A group of colleges started an effort Thursday to redefine liberal education -- and to ensure that all colleges that profess to provide one actually do.

What History Students Read

A scholar analyzes the state of instruction in American history survey courses – and finds them heavily reliant on textbooks.

Spreading the Wealth

Four years after unveiling a plan to share course materials with the world, MIT assesses its impact.

Penn Ends Curricular 'Experiment'

The University of Pennsylvania has wrapped up its grand experiment in curricular reform.

Church and State

An evangelical college in New York City, saying its accreditation is at risk, is taking on an eminence in higher education.

The Spread of Dual Enrollment

More than half of all colleges now have high school students taking courses.


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