Spreading the Wealth

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Four years after unveiling a plan to share course materials with the world, MIT assesses its impact.

Penn Ends Curricular 'Experiment'

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The University of Pennsylvania has wrapped up its grand experiment in curricular reform.

Church and State

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An evangelical college in New York City, saying its accreditation is at risk, is taking on an eminence in higher education.

The Spread of Dual Enrollment

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More than half of all colleges now have high school students taking courses.

Going After Textbook Prices

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A student group upset over high prices is now focusing on individual offerings -- starting with an intro physics book.

Ph.D. Education -- Beyond Disciplines

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Claremont Graduate U. and Vanderbilt hope new types of courses will give their doctoral students a broader perspective.

'Engagement,' Depression and Drugs

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The more students are "engaged" in their academic work, the less likely they are to drink heavily or abuse drugs. But academic engagement does not seem to have any effect, positively or negatively, on students' overall mental health, although it does seem to add to the level of stress they feel.

Building Student Interest in Science

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One university's experiment involves English composition, better advising and living in a science-themed dorm.

Sending Signals to Students

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Through its new curriculum, Penn stresses science and math and deemphasizes the role of AP courses.

Mixed Signals for ASL

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On the upswing nationally, sign language is on the defensive at Brown.


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