Urban Removal

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Wayne State professors attack plan to break up college focused on disadvantaged and minority students.

'Student Success in College: Creating Conditions That Matter'

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Why are students more likely to thrive at -- and graduate from -- some colleges than others? That's the central question in Student Success in College: Creating Conditions That Matter, just published by Jossey-Bass.

Few Rules for New Constitution Day Requirement

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The Education Department isn't requiring much from colleges to carry out a new law.

Reforming Journalism Education

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Foundations and top universities want to promote subject-matter expertise -- and public trust.

Majoring in Hate

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Some scholars want to create new academic programs to focus on study of extremist groups.

Changing Course(s) at Brown

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Reversing earlier decision, university will continue to offer American Sign Language for academic credit.

Freedom of Digital Religious Expression

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The first Jesuit-led new media program gets under way at Fairfield University.

Reorganization at Rutgers

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Plan to revamp undergraduate education by eliminating 3 separate colleges draws criticism from supporters of women's education.

New Chief for Mellon

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Foundation selects University of Chicago's Don Randel to succeed William Bowen as its president.

'Remaking the American University'

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Three longtime observers of higher education explore the ways -- positive and negative -- that universities are changing in Remaking the American University (Rutgers University Press).


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