New Programs: Executive MBA, Liberal Arts, International Studies, Online Master's Programs, Pastoral Theology

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  • Babson College, in Massachusetts, and Willamette University, in Oregon, are jointly offering an executive MBA program, in Portland, Ore.
  • Ivy Tech Community College, in Indiana, has started a new associate of arts and a  new associate of sciences in the liberal arts.
  • Johns Hopkins University, through its Paul H.
  • Rethinking the MBA Curriculum

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    Yale plans to switch from traditional first-year courses to interdisciplinary modules.

    New Programs: MBA, Psychology, Public Safety, Historic Preservation, Construction

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  • Alverno College, a Wisconsin institution known for its emphasis on student assessment, is starting an MBA program that will be "outcomes based," rather than focused on traditional business courses.
  • Daniel Webster College, in New Hampshire, is starting a bachelor of science program in psychology.
  • Indiana University Southeast is creating a new bachelor of science degree in informatics, which focuses on in
  • Unusual Lesson Plan at Carleton

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    For first time, the college cancels all classes, replacing them for a day with special academic programs related to Katrina.

    A New Carnegie Classification Arrives

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    Foundation will use "community engagement" for the first time in a new, voluntary approach to college groupings.

    Career Prep vs. Liberal Arts

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    Placement experts gather to talk about strategies for improving their efforts -- despite skepticism from some professors.

    Ommmm U.

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    A university focused on meditation is coming to the nation's highly stressed capital.

    Spicing Up U.S. History

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    Professors consider ways to improve the content and teaching of survey courses.

    More Than a C- and a Heartbeat

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    Some community colleges believe that focus on retention sets bar too low -- and some long-accepted practices need rethinking.

    One Size Doesn't Fit All

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    Student course evaluations are ubiquitous these days, whether they be at a national site like or sponsored by individual institutions. But Harvard University faculty members are split on whether evaluations should be mandatory.

    Both the Faculty Council and the Harvard College Curricular Review have recommended requiring course evaluations, but at a Tuesday meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, many professors expressed the need to have a deeper discussion about the utility and drawbacks of evaluations before any decisions are made.


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