Help for the Minor Majors

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Princeton is finding ways to get more students to study what they love, not what everyone else is studying.

The Technology Mosaic

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Harvard announces plan to create engineering school as Stanford and others join push toward interdisciplinary work.

The Value of Intervention

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Community colleges find that intense programs make a difference on retention and academic performance -- particularly for minority students.

Help for All Adjuncts

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Online program allows colleges to help part-timers prepare for an array of classroom issues.

Calculated Change at Smith

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For decades, students could get by without taking any math -- but perhaps not for much longer.

Fun With Google and Diversity

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After scholars' group uses search engine to portray colleges as politically correct, others produce interesting results of their own.

New Programs: Photography, Guitar, Dispute Resolution, Criminal Justice, Journalism, Marketing

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  • Burlington County College, in New Jersey, is starting an associate degree in photography in the fall.
  • New Programs: IT Management, Business, Arts Management, Documentary Production, Journalism, Computer Game Design

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  • Dutchess Community College, of the State University of New York, is starting an associate of science in computer and information systems management.
  • Marylhurst University, in Oregon, is starting three online degrees in business fields: a bachelor of science in business and leadership, a bachelor of science in real estate studies, and an MBA.
  • Harvard Rethinks Science

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    Faculty panel unveils plan that would change how professors are hired -- and how both undergrads and graduate students are taught.

    Many Advisers, One Message

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    With academic advising programs scattered and often inconsistent, colleges develop common mission statements and training.


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