At Two-Year Colleges, a Year of Language

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City Colleges of Chicago system proposes foreign language requirement for all associate of arts students.

New Programs: Biomedical Informatics, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Applied Behavior Analysis

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  • Arizona State University is starting an undergraduate major in biomedical informatics.
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, in Indiana, is starting an undergraduate major in international studies.
  • St.
  • New Programs: Career Readiness, American Studies, Sustainability, Behavioral Analysis

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  • Cape Fear Community College, in North Carolina, is starting a certificate in career readiness.
  • Montana State University is starting master's and Ph.D. programs in American studies.
  • The University of Washington is starting eight new certificate programs in sustainability.
  • New Programs: Women's Leadership, Health Information, Robotics, Online Teaching

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  • Benedictine University, in Illinois, is starting a master of science in leadership program.
  • New Programs: Music and Technology, Human Development, Allied Health, Indigenous Studies

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  • Carnegie Mellon University is starting bachelor of science and master of science degrees in music and technology.
  • Colorado State University is starting a doctoral program in human development and family studies.
  • Moultrie Technical College, in Georgia, is startin
  • Assessment Is Widespread

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    Survey finds wide use of measures of learning outcomes and curricular goals, but relatively little communication on these subjects with students.

    New Programs: Leadership, Career Colleges, Environmental Science, Law and Aging, Arts Education, Prosthetics and Orthotics

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  • Boston University is starting a master of science degree in leadership at the university's Brussels campus.
  • Keiser University is starting a master's program in career college administration.
  • Manchester Community College, in Connecticut, is starting an associate degree in environmental science.
  • Stetson University is starting a master of jurisprudence degree in law and aging.
  • The
  • New Programs: International Business, International Psychology, Ethnomusicology, Criminal Justice

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  • Canisius College is starting a master of science degree in international business.
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is starting a Ph.D.
  • New Programs: Property Management, Accelerated Degrees, Computer Game Design

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  • Drexel University is starting bachelor's and master's programs in property management.
  • Misericordia University, in conjunction with Luzerne County Community College, both in Pennsylvania, will begin offering accelerated bachelor's degree programs in business administration, professional studies and nursing in Northumberland County.
  • Students as Lemmings

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    Undergraduates follow peers into majors -- and later into careers that aren't best suited to their skills, study finds.


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