New Programs: Educational Technology, Emergency Medical Technology, Materials Science, Health Information

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  • Concordia University Chicago is starting a master of arts program in educational technology.
  • Erie Community College, of the State University of New York, is starting an associate degree in emergency medical technology.
  • University of California at Riverside is starting master's and doctoral pr
  • New Programs: Data Management, Occupational Therapy, Information Assurance, Computer Simulations

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  • Metropolitan Community College, in Omaha, in collaboration with IBM, is starting an associate degree in the management of green data centers.
  • Nazareth College, in Rochester, N.Y., is starting a five-year program in occupational therapy.
  • New Programs: Religion, Hospitality, Sustainable Engineering

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  • Claremont School of Theology is launching a Ph.D.
  • Boom in Global Health Studies

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    As new university consortium meets, survey shows programs and enrollments expanding rapidly.

    New Programs: Rural Studies, Education, Entrepreneurship

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  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, in Georgia, is starting a series of bachelor's degrees in rural studies.
  • Park University, in Missouri, is starting an online bachelor's degree in early childhood education.
  • University of Wisconsin at Whitewater is starting a bachelor of business administration degree in entr
  • New Programs: Biochemistry, Health Informatics, Conservation Medicine, Occupational Therapy

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  • High Point University, in North Carolina, is starting an undergraduate major in biochemistry.
  • Mott Community College, in Michigan, is starting an associate of applied science degree in business health informatics.
  • Tufts University, through its veterinary college, is starting a master of science degree in conservati
  • New Programs: Information Technology, Wilderness Leadership, Real Estate

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  • Central Washington University is starting a bachelor of applied science degree -- offered online -- in information technology.
  • Mt.
  • The Civic Engagement Gap

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    Students and faculty members both think colleges have a key role to play, but don't necessarily think that role is being fulfilled.

    Future Docs Are Confused, Too

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    Study finds that half of all medical students feel undereducated about economics and health care systems.

    New Programs: Sales Management, Information Systems, School Psychology

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  • Anoka-Ramsey Community College, in Minnesota, is starting an associate degree in sales management.
  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is starting a master of science program in information systems engineering and management.
  • University of Texas at San Antonio is starting a master of arts degree in school psychology.
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