Outsourcing Language Learning

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A decade after Drake U. pioneered system favoring native speakers over traditional faculty, a few other colleges are trying the approach and the university is taking its concept online.

The New Sustainability U.

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Grand Valley State, in Michigan, is betting its interdisciplinary and hands-on method of teaching sustainability will set it apart from the crowd.

Joint Ventures, Pre-Distress

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Small independent colleges typically seek private investment only as last resort. A Washington lawyer encourages them to seek outside money not to survive, but to grow.

New Programs: Nursing, Cybersecurity, International Development

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  • Nyack College is starting a bachelor of science in nursing program.
  • University of Maryland University College is starting bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in cybersecurity.
  • University of Notre Dame is starting a minor in international development studies.
  • 2-Year Honors Boom

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    Courses for high-achieving community college students are getting more exposure and becoming more competitive.

    New Programs: Creative Writing, Business, 'Smart Grid' Technology, Music and Law

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  • Augustana College is starting a major in creative writing.
  • Catholic University of America is starting a master of science in business analysis.
  • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is starting a new associate degree program on "smart grid" technology.
  • New Programs: Engineering, Nursing, Education

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  • Baylor University is starting a Ph.D. program in electrical and computer engineering.
  • Fairfield University is starting a doctor of nursing practice program.
  • Morehead State University, in Kentucky, is starting a doctoral degree -- its first -- in education leadership.
  • Med School, High Tech

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    New medical schools are launching curriculums with more use of simulation and more social science -- and many established schools are moving in that direction, too.

    An Intimate Exam

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    Upsetting some students, U. of Minnesota Medical School stops using live patients to teach pelvic exams.

    New Programs: Allied Health, Design, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Architectural Engineering

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  • Indiana State University is starting a master of science degree in physician assistant studies.
  • Parsons The New School for Design is creating a master of fine arts in transdisciplinary design.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology is starting a bachelor's degree in political science with tracks focusing on digital democracy and bio-politi
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