New Programs: Emergent Media, Regulatory Science, Entrepreneurship, Forensic Psychology

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  • Champlain College is starting an M.F.A.
  • Reforming Teacher Ed

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    Prominent voices look to in-the-classroom residencies and colleges of education to reshape how teachers are taught to teach.

    New Programs: Music, Graphic Design, Social Work, Nuclear Protection, Disability Studies, Environmental Science, Law and Public Administration

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  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is starting an associate of fine arts program in music.
  • Augustana College is starting a major in undergraduate design.
  • California State University at Monterey Bay is starting a master of social work program.
  • Catholic University of America is starting a master of science degree in nuclear environmental protection.
  • New Programs: Law, Nursing, Physician Assistant Studies, Meteorology

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  • Northwestern University, in conjunction with the College of Law, in London, is offering a J.D.
  • Bilingual (Higher) Ed

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    Puerto Rico’s Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez attracted thousands of adult students to an accelerated degree program, AHORA, by stressing the kind of flexibility and practicality that one would expect from a program called “now.”

    But when administrators and faculty started considering how to expand into the continental United States they realized it wouldn’t work to simply shift their program a few hundred miles north.

    New Programs: Conducting, Wind Farm Safety, Public Health, Education, Web Science

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  • Bard College is starting a master of music degree in conducting.
  • Grand Rapids Community College is starting a certificate program on wind farm safety.
  • Johns Hopkins University, through its Bloomberg School of Public Health, is starting a master of health science program in social facto
  • Left Out of Gen Ed

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    When colleges and universities revamp curricular requirements, disciplines can become winners or losers. Those fields that are required (or that have many courses that meet requirements) enjoy assured enrollments. So when a college votes down a foreign language requirement, as faculty members did last year in the arts and sciences college of George Washington University, that can be a blow to those who teach languages.

    New Programs: Computer-Aided Design, Environmental Studies, Architecture, Business and Music

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  • Monroe Community College, in New York, is starting a certificate program in computer-aided design and drafting.
  • Saint Michael's College is starting a major and a minor in environmental studies.
  • The Post-Crisis MBA

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    A few years ago, any discussion of the master’s in business administration would begin with discussions of scandal and mismanagement. Look at instances of accounting fraud at Enron and WorldCom: MBAs behaving badly. A president of the United States with mixed approval ratings and plenty of opponents in his own party: an MBA whose leadership skills seemed lacking.

    The Entrepreneurial Engineer

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    The undergraduate offerings at Stanford University’s School of Engineering could be engaged in a tug of war.

    On one side is the foundation of math, science and major-specific courses students need to earn a degree now, or four years from now. On the other, the skills, curiosity and bent toward problem solving that students will need in their first job and in the job they get 20 or 40 years into their careers.


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