New Programs: Biotechnology, Paralegal Training, Physical Therapy, National Security, Sport Management, Social Work, Urban Studies

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  • Alma College is starting a major in biotechnology.
  • Bristol Community College is starting a paralegal certificate program.
  • Lynchburg College is starting a doctor of physical therapy program.
  • Misericordia University is starting a bac
  • 3-Year Degrees? Not So Fast

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    As hot higher education ideas go, the three-year bachelor's degree continues to get a lot of attention and praise. Most recently, an op-ed in The New York Times made the case for three years of undergraduate study.

    What Freshmen Will Read

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    College orientation programs don't yet have the power of Oprah's Book Club, but they increasingly feature books that students are asked to read over the summer or during their first week on campus -- and to discuss with their new classmates. The idea is that having every freshman read the same book builds a sense of common experience and adds intellectual content to a week that can easily be consumed by learning a college bureaucracy and socializing.

    New Programs: Humanitarianism, Robotics, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Geosciences

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  • Fordham University is starting a master of arts degree in international humanitarian action.
  • Mott Community College is starting a certificate program in robotic programming.
  • Roosevelt University is starting a Ph.D.
  • New Programs: Animal Studies, Senior Housing, Energy, Computer Security, Organizational Supervision

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  • Eastern Kentucky University is starting an undergraduate major in animal studies.
  • George Mason University is starting a master of science program in senior housing administration.
  • Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma City is starting an associate of applied science program in renewable and sustainabl
  • New Programs: Public Health, Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Fire Protection

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  • Franklin & Marshall College is starting an undergraduate major in public health.
  • Messiah College is starting a major in sustainability.
  • Utica College is starting an online master's degree in cybersecurity.
  • New Programs: Music Technology, Writing, Analytics, Visual Arts, Journalism

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  • Brookdale Community College is starting an associate degree in music technology.
  • Coastal Carolina University is starting a master of arts degree in writing -- with tracks in technical and creative writing.
  • DePaul University is starting a master
  • New Programs: Art, Communications, Business, Entertainment Management, Dance, Sustainability, Corrections

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  • Athens State University, in Alabama, is starting a bachelor's degree in art.
  • Black Hills State University is starting an undergraduate major in corporate communications.
  • Indiana State University is starting an M.B.A.
  • Animal Studies Beyond Biology

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    In his first year as an assistant professor in the University of Iowa’s archaeology department, Matthew E. Hill made a move that many other junior faculty would’ve considered risky: he said he wanted to teach an undergraduate seminar on animals and culture.

    “When I first proposed the course, I thought I would get a more negative response – ‘Oh, it’s fluffy’ -- and I still worry about some of my colleagues having that attitude,” he says. “But my chair and other people have been supportive, interested.”

    New Programs: Leadership, Homeland Security, Labor Relations, Taxation

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  • Hampton University is starting two new online doctoral programs in leadership: one in business leadership and one in educational leadership.
  • Hudson County Community College, in New Jersey, is starting a certificate program in homeland security.
  • Pennsylvania State University is starting an online bachelor's program in labor and employme
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