As the Crow Flies

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Arizona State University has serious problems, and that’s just the way Michael Crow wants it.

Technologically Illiterate Students

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ORLANDO -- Say you are an employer evaluating college students for a job. Perusing one candidate’s Facebook profile, you notice the student belongs to a group called “I Pee My Pants When I’m Drunk.” What is your first thought?

It should not be that this student is unemployable for being an intemperate drinker, said Susan Zvacek, director of instructional development at the University of Kansas -- though that it might mean that, too. Mainly, though, it should suggest something else -- something that might be more relevant to the student’s qualifications.

New Programs: Sports Management, Art Education, Recreation Therapy

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  • Liberty University is starting an online master of science in sports management.
  • University of Florida is starting an online master of arts in art education program.
  • Vermilion Community College, in Minnesota, is starting an associate degree in outdoor recreation therapy.
  • Languages Plus

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    Timothy A. Bennett strives toward a new vision for the foreign language department. “You can think of a university as a little continent full of different kingdoms,” said Bennett, chair of the foreign languages and literatures department at Wittenberg University, a Lutheran liberal arts college in Ohio. “I’d prefer that language departments suffused the curriculum rather than just be another kingdom among many kingdoms.”

    New Programs: Biology, Photography, Marine Science

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  • Bryant University is starting an undergraduate major in biology.
  • Owens Community College is starting an associate degree in commercial photography technology.
  • State University of New York at Stony Brook is s
  • New Programs: Counseling, Environmental Policy, Media Arts, Ministry, Education, Accounting, Communication, Jewish Studies

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  • Faulkner University is starting an online master of science degree in counseling.
  • Michigan Technological University is offering a Ph.D.
  • New Programs: Horticulture Therapy, Epidemiology, Health Informatics

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  • Portland Community College is starting a certificate program in horticulture therapy.
  • University of California at San Francisco is starting a doctoral program in epidemiology and biostatistics.
  • University of Minnesota at Crookston is starting two cer
  • New Programs: Education Leadership, Sports Management, Early Childhood Education

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  • Augusta State University is starting a master of education degree in teacher leadership.
  • State University of New York at Canton is starting a bachelor's degree in sports management.
  • St. Johns River Community College is starting a bachelor's degree in early childhood education.
  • New Programs: Education, Emergency Services, Robotics

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    New Programs: Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Sports Leadership, Behavioral Sciences

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  • Arizona State University is starting a bachelor of arts degree in earth and environmental studies.
  • Central Carolina Community College, at its Chatham campus, is starting an associate of applied science program in sustainability technologies.
  • Marquette University has started a graduate certificate in sports leadership.
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