New Programs: Creative Writing, Dental Assisting, Nursing

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  • Hofstra University is starting an M.F.A. in creative writing.
  • Ozarks Technical Community College is starting a dental assisting certificate program, with an option to go on to an associate degree. The program will mix online and in-person instruction.
  • University of Southern Maine is starting a doctor of nursing practice degree.
  • New Programs: Law, Nonprofit Management, Learning Sciences

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  • The Pardee RAND Graduate School and Southwestern Law School are jointly starting two certificate programs. Students from the Pardee RAND Graduate School will be able to take courses in law at Southwestern, leading to a certificate in legal studies.
  • New Programs: Nonprofit Management, Education, Environmental Forecasting, Nursing

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  • Misericordia University has added a specialization in nonprofit management and fund-raising to its master's program in organizational management.
  • Robert Morris University is starting a master's program in special education.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology is starting a master’s program on environmental forecasting and disaster preparedness and response.
  • Unafraid of Virginia Woolf

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    Community college English professors worry that they're being discouraged from teaching the kind of fiction that can change students' lives.

    New Programs: Fashion Entrepreneurship, Energy, Communication

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  • Fashion Institute of Technology has established a bachelor of science degree program in entrepreneurship for the fashion and design industries.
  • Owens Community College is starting an associate degree in alternative energy and sustainable systems technology.
  • Sacred Heart University is starting a master's pr
  • 'Academically Adrift'

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    If the purpose of a college education is for students to learn, academe is failing, according to Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, a book being released today by University of Chicago Press.

    New Programs: Languages, National Security Law, Biochemistry

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  • Bryant University is starting undergraduate majors in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, the first language majors offered at the university.
  • Georgetown University is adding an LL.M.
  • A Leaner Howard U.

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    University moves to eliminate or change 40% of its degree programs so that science can receive more emphasis. Philosophy survives; classics does not.

    Ramping Up Rigor

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    Lynn University in Florida finds a way to answer general critiques of academic quality: a return to a retooled core curriculum.

    New Programs: Simulation, Nursing, Oil

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  • Arizona State University is starting a Ph.D. in simulation, modeling and applied cognitive science.
  • Kent State University is starting a doctorate of nursing practice degree.
  • Laredo Community College is starting a certificate on the oil and gas industry.
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