New Programs: Languages, National Security Law, Biochemistry

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  • Bryant University is starting undergraduate majors in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, the first language majors offered at the university.
  • Georgetown University is adding an LL.M.
  • A Leaner Howard U.

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    University moves to eliminate or change 40% of its degree programs so that science can receive more emphasis. Philosophy survives; classics does not.

    Ramping Up Rigor

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    Lynn University in Florida finds a way to answer general critiques of academic quality: a return to a retooled core curriculum.

    New Programs: Simulation, Nursing, Oil

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  • Arizona State University is starting a Ph.D. in simulation, modeling and applied cognitive science.
  • Kent State University is starting a doctorate of nursing practice degree.
  • Laredo Community College is starting a certificate on the oil and gas industry.
  • New Programs: Accounting, Homeland Security, Technology Policy, Sustainability

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  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is starting a master of accountancy program.
  • Montgomery County Community College, in Pennsylvania, has added a homeland security concentration as part of its associate of applied science degree in criminal justice and emergency management and planning.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology is starting a master of arts degree in technology, policy and ethics.
  • How to Train Your Draconian

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    During a talk to governors, Bill Gates might have sharpened the ax for politicians thinking of cutting humanities programs.

    New Programs: Social Work, Law, Business

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  • Fordham University is starting on online master's degree in social work.
  • Loyola University Chicago has started an L.L.M. program in the rule of law for development.
  • Skimming the Surface

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    Study of freshman research papers suggests students don't really understand the sources they cite.

    New Programs: Animal Advocacy, Design, Statistics, Media and Games

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  • Hudson Valley Community College is starting a certificate program in animal advocacy.
  • School of Visual Arts is starting an M.F.A.
  • New Programs: Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Aquaculture, Robotics, Product Innovation

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  • Excelsior College has added a bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology.
  • Georgetown and George Mason Universities are starting a joint M.S.
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