'Tea' Author in Hot Water

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Greg Mortenson’s books about school-building and education in Afghanistan and Pakistan have made him a regular presence on college campuses, with his book Three Cups of Tea picked as a “common reading” book for many freshmen and the author promoting his particular brand of humanitarianism and pacifism in dozens of speeches a year.

But questions raised Sunday by CBS’s “60 Minutes” about the veracity of his story and the management of a foundation that grew from his work have some of the campuses re-evaluating their plans to recognize or feature Mortenson and his books.

A Stab at Deflating Grades

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Faculty at U. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill backs plan to put students' (and professors') grades in context.

Who Decides on Transfer Credit?

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CUNY plan would make it easier for community college students to earn bachelor's degrees at four-year institutions, but many faculty members at senior colleges say changes infringe on their curricular role.

Should Teaching Be Outsourced?

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Two universities sign deals to let outside group teach journalism courses online, setting up debate over faculty roles.

New Programs: Security, Art History, Nuclear Medicine, Engineering Management

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  • Butler Community College is starting an associate degree for Transportation Security Administration officials who want to advance their careers.
  • Columbus State University is starting a bachelor of arts in art history.
  • Misericordia University is starting a certificate program in nuclear medicine technology.
  • Pennsylvania State University is star
  • Decline of 'Western Civ'?

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    Survey courses in "Western Civilization," once a common component of undergraduate curriculums, have almost disappeared as a requirement at many large private research universities and public flagships, according to a study released Wednesday by the National Association of Scholars.

    New Programs: Environmental Policy, Health Sciences, Health Management, Computer Science

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  • Bard College is starting a master's program in environmental policy for people returning from service in the Peace Corps.
  • California Baptist University is starting five bachelor of science programs in the health sciences: in clinical health science, communication disorders, health education, health-care administration and pre-physical therapy.
  • Socrates in Spanish

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    Georgetown College in Kentucky will attempt what may well be a first: a postsecondary foreign language immersion option for its general education courses.

    Other Departments' Business

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    Universities will develop better business professionals if they do a better job of integrating components of a liberal arts education into business school curriculums, argues a new report by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

    New Programs: Nursing, Law Enforcement, Leadership, Ecology, Sexuality

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  • Fayetteville State University is starting a bachelor of science degree in nursing.
  • Mohawk Valley Community College is starting a nine-month program, in conjunction with the Oneida County Policy Department, to offer pre-employment training to prospective police officers, as an alternative to police academy training.
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