Higher education urged to play more of a role in Common Core

Colleges and universities need to get involved in the the rollout of the Common Core curriculum, argues a new paper from the New America Foundation.


At Southern Vermont College, a chance for students to self-publish

A Vermont college's new curricular venture enables students to self-publish books -- a project officials hope will aid a largely first-generation student body and give humanities students a "deliverable" for the future.

Americans may take nuanced view of higher ed reforms

Do Americans have a more nuanced view of higher ed reform than the politicians they elect? Perhaps, says a new survey.

Stanford will start new joint computer science programs


New Stanford programs aim to give computer science students a boost -- by adding arts and humanities.

Colleges look to 'pathways' to enhance general education

Administrators make the case for general education pathways at conference session.

College of Idaho relies on minors to promote general education

A liberal arts college in Idaho is trying a new approach to ensure depth as well as breadth in the student experience.


Historians discuss challenges of general education

At gathering of historians, professors like the idea of talking about their discipline's role in the curriculum, but fear too much regulation.

Ten years after cutting it, Texas A&M will revive journalism program

Ten years ago, Texas A&M cut its journalism program. The job market imploded in the meantime, but the university hopes its interdisciplinary, liberal arts education approach will make reviving the degree a smart move.

Conference focuses on integrating global learning within the curriculum

At gathering focused on global learning, faculty and others discuss diverse strategies for integrating it within the curriculum.

USC announces changes to its journalism master's degree program

Amid newsroom cutbacks and a rapidly changing media landscape, journalism schools are trying to find ways to adapt. USC is crunching a two-year master's into nine months. At Columbia, the concentration requirement will be eliminated.


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