A Rebuke for Brandeis Administrators

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Faculty panel rejects phasing out the teaching of ancient Greek -- and sees "incalculable" damage from the way cuts were proposed.

A Young Biologist Seizes the Moment

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Lots of colleges brag about undergraduate research, but particularly in the sciences, separating the substance from the fluff is a challenge. Outside validation helps, and Cody Locke's work on epilepsy research at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa has it.

Ancient Greek Survives at Brandeis

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For months now, Brandeis professors have been riled by the possibility that key liberal arts programs -- including instruction in ancient Greek -- would be eliminated. Now the dean who put those ideas up for consideration has withdrawn them.

Adam Jaffe, dean of arts and sciences, recently told faculty members that they no longer needed to view these ideas as being under active consideration. Linguistics and a music composition program also faced elimination and several other departments faced possible reductions in size.

The Selling of the Curriculum?

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Chapel Hill faculty members protest plans to let a conservative foundation support a new program in Western civilization.

Liberal Arts and Not So Liberal Economics

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Oberlin embarks on a plan to improve its finances and academics -- in part by getting a little smaller. Critics fear key values are at risk.

A New Form of Cheating

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A publisher announces suits over sales of special text guides -- with test answers -- that are available only to professors, but being sold online by students.

A Scientific (Teaching) Revolution

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With $1 million each, professors supported by unusually lucrative grants are changing undergraduate education at research universities.

Influential Group Calls It Quits

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Financial difficulties force the American Association for Higher Education -- a key voice on assessment and faculty issues -- to disband.

Columbia Rethinks Journalism Education

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Three years after president questioned its role, university announces a new approach to the field -- while keeping existing program.

Choices for Brandeis

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Should a liberal arts university even think about phasing out instruction in ancient Greek?


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