Student Stress: Whose Is Worst?

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PHOENIX -- A quarter of students surveyed in the latest National College Health Assessment reported that stress has hurt their academic performance, with such impacts as lower grades or dropped courses. That proportion has fluctuated in the vicinity of 30 percent for more than a decade.

Hunter Settles Suicide Suit

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Payment awarded to student who was barred from dorm after taking pills, and college will review its mental health policy.

SMU Confronts Another Death

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A missing student is found dead, in portable toilet, in apparent overdose. How can colleges prevent such tragedies?

Trends for the First in the Family

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Report offers portrait of first-generation college students, including desire to achieve financial security and lost ground for African Americans.

Reaching Out to Students in Foster Care

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Community colleges consider how they can enroll and graduate a particularly vulnerable population.

A Mental Health and Public Safety Primer

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American Psychiatric Association symposium covers broad issues that have re-emerged since Virginia Tech.

Who Needs a 5-Day Schedule?

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Students aren't flocking to programs to cram a full courseload in one day, but the ability to be on campus just two days a week may have staying power.

Singing a New Tune

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In an effort to make their students more business savvy, some music schools are embedding entrepreneurship in their traditional curriculum.

The New Reverse Transfer

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Part of the enrollment boom at community colleges comes from those who have left four-year institutions. Their choices -- surprising to some -- are saving money and may improve their odds at earning bachelor's degrees.

Dalton Institute on College Student Values

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