Economic Crisis 2009-10

Restoring the Faculty Voice

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Public college professors from 21 states vow to start campaign to defend higher education's future.

Budget Cuts Galore

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Rural community colleges across country argue they will be disproportionately hurt by the many across-the-board state budget cuts currently being proposed.

Reversals in Wisconsin

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Governor seeks major benefit cuts for all U. of Wisconsin employees -- and elimination of the newly won right of faculty and academic employees to unionize.

'Tough Love' Budget for Science

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WASHINGTON -- Federal money for science research would continue flowing next year under President Obama's spending plan for 2012, which was released Monday.

Rallying Back

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Higher education union leaders vow to fight on, despite crushing losses in states.

Looking Beyond Themselves

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Administrators and unions should work to restore “collective” to the notion of collective bargaining in higher education, conference participants say.

The 'Inside Job' Effect

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Many American economists have been stung by their failure to anticipate the financial meltdown of 2008, dogged by persistent suggestions of conflicts of interest -- that they were working for financial industries that they said were healthier than turned out to be true. In a notable break from the past, the pre-eminent professional society for the discipline is moving ahead with plans to examine ethical practices in the field.

In for Nasty Weather

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Is faculty life, as it once was, officially a relic?


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