Essay on first year on the tenure track

Rashawn Ray describes how to survive your first year on the tenure track.

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Colorado AAUP caucus adopts statement against changing tenure criteria midstream

At several campuses, faculty leaders say institutions are unfairly altering tenure criteria as candidates are midway through their probationary periods.

ABA committee forwards tenure requirement options to council

Bar association panel is open to keeping requirement that law schools have some kind of job security for faculty members, but it's still unclear how it will do so.

Colleges award tenure

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Dickinson College

  • David Ball, English
  • Alex Bates, Japanese language and literature
  • Shawn Bender, East Asian studies
  • Christopher Bilodeau, history
  • Scott Boback, biology
  • Catrina Hamilton-Drager, physics and astronomy
  • Elizabeth Lee, art history
  • John MacCormick, computer science
  • Marian Past, Spanish

Hardin-Simmons University

AAUP censures two institutions following violations of shared governance amid financial crises

AAUP censures institutions that have eliminated faculty and academic programs during budget crises.

Tenure disputes are at the center of another vote of no confidence rejected by board

When Transylvania University's president deferred tenure for two professors based on criteria that had yet to take effect, it was the last straw for the already-frustrated faculty.

Essay on how to earn tenure

You can maintain your sanity and earn that promotion, writes Mary Kirk.

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Brooklyn Law School expands adequate causes of termination to include demonstrated incompetence

Faculty members at Brooklyn Law School raise the alarm about the board's decision to expand the reasons why a tenured professor can have his or her contract terminated.

If you must appoint an associate professor as chair (essay)

Ideally, colleges shouldn't have anyone but full professors run their departments, Lawrence Abele argues. But if they must, here are some guidelines to make the best of the situation.

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Advice for how faculty can show leadership before tenure (essay)


Early career faculty should demonstrate leadership through projects that also advance their teaching and research programs, Elizabeth Simmons writes.

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