Faculty accuse Wayne State of trying to kill tenure rights

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Faculty union says university proposal would effectively let administrators get rid of tenured professors any time a budgetary shift takes place. Administration says it respects tenure, but needs "flexibility."

Is an electronic tenure portfolio right for you? (essay)

While it may go against the grain for faculty members who aren't digital natives, Paula Dagnon and Karen Hoelscher explain how to find out whether creating an electronic portfolio of your work is right for you.

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Scholars must make their work more available and accessible (essay)

To improve our reach, academics must make our writings both more available and public-friendlier, writes Nathan Jurgenson.

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MLA issues guidelines on evaluation of digital scholarship

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MLA issues new guidelines on how work with new media should be counted in hiring, tenure and promotion decisions.

Essay on dealing with depression while on the tenure track

Monica A. Coleman reflects on how she achieved academic success while dealing with severe mental illness.

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Nominating Your Evaluators


Elizabeth Simmons offers a dean's perspective on how faculty members up for tenure should approach deal with the process of identifying external evaluators.

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Community college in Michigan ramps up tenure-track faculty

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A community college in Michigan will grant tenure or tenure-track status to all full-time faculty, bucking the adjunctification trend in higher ed.

Report finds literary research an inefficient use of university money

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A new paper by an English professor argues that literary research, much of which is rarely cited, is not an efficient use of university resources.

Faculty at Alamo Colleges gird for battle on tenure

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Faculty members at community college in Texas are upset because they fear that district wants to do away with tenure; it has already instituted new rule to punish professors who grumble.


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