More Flexibility on Tenure -- If You Ask

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Report documents new options being offered at research universities to help academic parents.

Has Scholarship Been Reconsidered?

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New book suggests that Boyer's call for reform of tenure and promotion has had real impact -- and hit roadblocks and contradictions.

New Approach to Tenure

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Coalition of colleges starts effort to create new models for faculty promotion in the arts and humanities.

Kingsville Democracy

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At a Texas A&M campus, the president and Faculty Senate don't like one another, but only one can eliminate the other.

Embracing Tenure

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At San Francisco Art Institute, a new president and a union jointly decide to adopt the practice. 

Too Much Information?

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Are bloggers without tenure destined to stay that way? Not necessarily, but debate rages as Chicago rejects a prominent commentator.

Beyond 'Toys, Travel and Food'

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Institutionally, most colleges have, in one way or another, embraced the use of technology in how they educate their students. Four in five colleges and universities use some form of content management system, and educational technologists are no longer unusual creatures on their campuses.

Diversity Goals

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Yale sets 7-year targets for hiring new female and minority faculty members -- and changes search committee process.

David Horowitz's Next Campaign

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David Horowitz has a new target: the confidentiality of college tenure rules.

Horowitz inspired legislative hearings and infuriated professors nationwide with his Academic Bill of Rights, which he says is designed to protect students from being punished for their views, but which many professors say would limit their academic freedom. On Thursday, he announced a new campaign -- to ask colleges to modify their rules governing the confidentiality of tenure discussions.

Tenured Professor's Firing (Largely) Upheld

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The University of Wisconsin System's Board of Regents abided by state law in 2001 when it fired a tenured professor for alleged sexual harassment and other misconduct, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. While it largely sided with the university in the case of John Marder, the court sent the case back to a lower court to resolve one factual issue.


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