Are State Troopers Models for Professors?

The American system of awarding doctorates and producing professors is a mess. On that, the disparate voices on a high-powered MLA panel on reforming the Ph.D. agreed Monday night.

Disparate Burden

New data show just how unequally child-care responsibilities fall on male and female professors.

A Real Option

The U. of California is considering a policy that might make part-time faculty careers -- before and after tenure -- more viable than ever before.

Stepping Up for Part-Timers

The Radical Caucus wants the MLA to do more to protect the labor rights of grad students and adjuncts.

More Help for Part-Timers

The MLA's Delegate Assembly endorsed two proposals to bolster, in small ways, the status of "contingent" instructors.

Leaning to the Left

A new study says that the vast majority of faculty members are liberal, but does that prove they're biased?

Playing Defense and Offense

Leaders of the AFT's college unions plan opposition to David Horowitz, cooperation with the NEA, and new organizing efforts.

Will Professors Sign Up?

A poll of non-union faculty members suggests potential to expand collective bargaining at colleges and challenges facing organizing drives.

When a Professor Loses It

Denied tenure, a well liked faculty member suffers a breakdown -- in public. Are there lessons for academe?

Post-Tenure Reviews Without Due Process

Investigators from the American Association of University Professors find fault with the way Virginia State U. dismissed two faculty members.


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