Questions and criticism surround survey on tenure at U of Wisconsin


U of Wisconsin professors want to know why they weren't informed of who was behind survey that showed up this week -- and that has now been taken offline.

Faculty layoffs in absence of financial exigency spark ire at Valdosta State U.


Faculty layoffs in the absence of financial exigency at Valdosta State U spark ire, questions.

Purdue moves to make mentoring undergraduates a criterion for tenure

Purdue moves to change its promotion requirements to reward professors who are mentors, especially to at-risk students, and who promote undergraduate research and teaching innovation. Faculty leaders are not pleased.

Wisconsin-Madison chancellor vows to protect academic freedom, tenure


With faculty members saying she hasn't done enough to fight legislative attack on tenure, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank reaffirms her commitment to academic freedom. But with many questions still unanswered, will her words be enough to prevent a flight of talent?

Presidents say they want more input in faculty hiring and tenure decisions

Presidents overwhelmingly say they should have more input in faculty hiring and tenure decisions. But just how much say should they have? 

University of North Georgia moves to fire professor who allegedly was rude to a guest speaker

U. of North Georgia case raises key questions: Is rudeness grounds to revoke tenure? Should professors' jobs be at risk over criteria in employee handbook that are not in faculty handbook?

U. Tennessee System backtracks on 'de-tenure' language


U. of Tennessee walks back -- at least in terminology -- from a proposal to "de-tenure" faculty members as part of new business plan. But the policy idea may well remain alive.

Librarians and scholars consider the future of the monograph

Professors and librarians consider the advantages of digital, the reluctance of many tenure committees to look beyond print, and the possibility of paying the costs of publishing works by young scholars.

Should professors be told why they were denied tenure?

When a tenure bid goes south, is the professor entitled to know why? Experts say yes, but a faculty member at the U. of Missouri says the institution is holding out on his request for a reason.

Recent legal cases point to link between anti-adjunct bias and age bias

Several legal challenges suggest a key challenge for long-term adjuncts seeking jobs on the tenure track is age discrimination.


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