The Disappearing Tenure-Track Job

Study by AFT documents continued growth during the last decade of adjunct jobs as a proportion of the academic work force.

Did Bill O'Reilly Doom a Tenure Bid?

In many academic circles, being attacked by Bill O'Reilly might be a badge of honor. A Syracuse University professor, however, charges that he was denied tenure last week in part because of the fallout over his on-air disputes with the Fox television star, who has branded him "a new Ward Churchill."

Newly Tenured ... at Maryville, New Haven, Valley City State

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Tenure in a Digital Era

MLA and humanities consortium start effort to be sure scholars up for promotion receive fair evaluations of electronic contributions -- and to give peer review a needed update.

Newly Tenured ... at California Lutheran, Coastal Carolina, Northwestern (Iowa)

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

California Lutheran University

--Julia Fogg, religion
--Haco Hoang, political science
--Christina Soderlund, mathematics
--Cecilia Travick-Jackson, education

Coastal Carolina University

'Faring Well' or Disappearing?

WASHINGTON -- While women are underrepresented on the science faculties of research universities, they are more likely than men to be interviewed for tenure-track jobs and to receive job offers, and if they are hired and stay, they are at least as likely as men to receive tenure. Those are the conclusions of a study requested by Congress and released Tuesday by the National Academies.

Tenure's Value ... to Society

A judge ruled last week in Colorado that not only is tenure a good thing for the professors who enjoy it, it is valuable to the public. Further, the court ruled that the value (to the public) of tenure outweighed the value of giving colleges flexibility in hiring and dismissing. That is a principle that faculty members say is very important and makes this case about much more than the specific issues at play.

Shooting the Messenger?

One day a contingent faculty member complains about pay. The next day he's fired and escorted off campus.

Gender Bias at SUNY-Buffalo?

Faculty members say the administration favors men over women in awarding tenure -- and point to pattern in which decisions are reversed by the president and provost.

Newly Tenured ... at Cal State Monterey Bay, Knox, Southeast Missouri, U. of North Texas

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

California State University, Monterey Bay
--John Berteaux, humanities and communication
--Joanne Lieberman, mathematics and statistics

Knox College
--Emily R. Anderson, English
--Monica Berlin, English
--Gina Franco, English
--Jason Helfer, educational studies
--Jennifer Leigh Smith, dance


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