More Than a Coincidence?

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At DePaul, faculty members want to know why so many minority tenure candidates have been rejected while white hopefuls have succeeded.

Into the Fray

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Noting years of misreading of the past by those in power, historians vow wider engagement with the public.

The Gender Gap on Service

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New study examines the points in their careers when academic women get more assignments than men -- and how those assignments may hold them back.

Not So Fast

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Michigan provost wants to extend pre-tenure period to 10 years -- and faculty senate resoundingly rejects the idea.

A Marriage Endures

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Rebuffing a disaffiliation endorsed by their leaders, delegates to New York's faculty union vote instead to keep their connection to the American Association of University Professors.

Tenure Changes Coming to Brown U.

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Once named the most tenure-heavy institution among elite privates, Brown moves to new rules to tighten the process, following faculty sign-off.

A Shop Divided

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Furor over outspoken adjunct's testimony in Washington highlights rift between tenured and contingent faculty.

No Show of Hands

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Towson U. policy change raises question: Should tenure committee votes be by secret ballot?

Newly Tenured ... at Prairie State, St. Norbert, U. of Hartford

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Prairie State College

--Kristina Appelt, librarian
--Teresa McCann, Spanish
--Thomas Nicholas, English
--Cathy Rook, adult education
--Katharine Sims-Drew, mathematics

St. Norbert College

--David Bailey, biology
--Shalisa Collins, Spanish
--Charles Jacobs, political science
--Joel Mann, philosophy

University of Hartford

Flexible Policies, Unchanged Practice

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More medical schools offer better-balanced work-life policies to faculty, new study finds, but few actually use them.


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