A Different View of the Middle East

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Scholars who don't like direction of the field form new group, vowing not to be politicized. Others say the founders are exactly those who have politicized the discipline.

More Students, More Languages

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New Modern Language Association survey finds dramatic increases in study of Arabic, Chinese, and less commonly taught languages like Persian, while enrollments also climbed in the staples.

Hype vs. Reality in Arabic Enrollment Boom

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While numbers are up, instructors are in short supply, raising questions about the quality of instruction and viability of moving students to advanced levels.

Fewer English Jobs, More Language Jobs

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As MLA convention approaches and interviews loom, a mixed picture emerges for key humanities disciplines.

Transition to Bilingualism

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New Fairleigh Dickinson U. program doesn't require Korean students to excel in ESL before earning credits toward their degrees.

Das Ende for German at USC

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Scholars are outraged by Southern Cal's decision to eliminate department. Do European languages need to be cut to make more room for Arabic and Chinese?

Studying (Sign) Languages Abroad

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As interest in ASL and overseas study grows, new programs offer the opportunity to study foreign sign language and deaf culture abroad.

Push for Americans to Learn Arabic Abroad

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AMIDEAST and top professors in the field plan programs throughout the Middle East, with an eye toward significantly increasing study abroad opportunities.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

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While some German programs fight for survival, professors at Duke and Chapel Hill celebrate merged graduate program that could be model for Ph.D. education in the humanities.

Shifting Winds in Arabic Teaching

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Breaking with the long-standing norm for Arabic instruction, Cornell program combines instruction in written and spoken language -- an approach catching on elsewhere.


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