Newly Tenured ... at Frostburg State, Trinity (Texas) and Ursinus

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Frostburg State University

--Alemseged Abbay, history
--Frank Ammer, biology
--Peggy Biser, chemistry
--Evan Offstein, management
--Jodi Welsch, educational professions

Trinity University (Texas)

Arabic -- Advances and Constraints

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At gathering on international education, experts see progress in teaching a crucial language, but worry about impact of keeping instructors at low pay and off tenure track.

At Two-Year Colleges, a Year of Language

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City Colleges of Chicago system proposes foreign language requirement for all associate of arts students.

'Standing Still' as Associate Profs

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English and foreign language departments promote male associate professors to full professors on average at least a year -- and in some cases, depending on type of institutions, several years -- more speedily than they promote women, according to a study being released today by the Modern Language Association. Over all, the average time for women as associate professor prior to promotion is 8.2 years, compared to 6.6 years for men.

Merde -- My AP French Exam Won't Let Me Answer

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The College Board is apologizing and promising an investigation of why students taking this week's Advanced Placement examination in French language were given a recording that didn't work properly for the listening portion of the test.

The relevant questions will not be used for scoring students' exams, so the College Board says that there is nothing to worry about for students, but some counselors say that their students were seriously confused by the incident and that more needs to be done to make up for the malfunction.

An Ethics First

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Linguistics society agrees on statement on appropriate research practices. Emphasis is on issues raised in studies of endangered languages.

Auf Wiedersehen

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German programs are finding themselves on the chopping block -- leaving language scholars frustrated.

Adios to Spanish 101 Classroom

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is moving introductory Spanish courses completely online. Some students are worried, but department officials are not.

Russia(n) Is Back

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Whether it's Putin or Pushkin, student interest is sending language enrollments to levels unheard of since the Cold War.

Translation Takes Center Stage

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MLA's president, a scholar of French and a translator, discusses trends that will be explored at the association's annual meeting.


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