Knifed Over a Grade

Smart Title: 
Police say disgruntled student followed professor home and stabbed her. How can colleges prevent such attacks?

Husband, Wife Indicted as Cuban Agents

Smart Title: 
Professor and counselor at Florida International U. charged with covertly helping Castro government.

A College's Delicate 'Balancing Act'

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At the start of each academic quarter, Edward sits down with professors in his courses at Spokane Community College and lays out the unpleasant facts: He spent two and a half years in jail for molesting boys, he's in recovery, and he's getting a higher education to try to piece his life back together.

Packing Heat

Smart Title: 
Shooting of a student by a campus officer renews debate about arming of college cops.    

3 Students Charged in Ala. Church Fires

Smart Title: 
Undergraduates from 2 Birmingham colleges arrested in nationally publicized crimes.

Class Project in Fraud?

Smart Title: 
Instructor at Southern Cal's business school charged with fraud in which he recruited students to help get investors' money.

Still Burning

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With 2 players arrested, firestorm over Duke lacrosse party won't go away -- even without DNA evidence.

A Career Ends at Syracuse

Smart Title: 
Charges of "egregious personal misconduct" lead a longtime faculty member to resign.

A Sobering Challenge

Smart Title: 
Lacrosse scandal leads Duke to try to change a broader culture of campus drinking. Is that realistic?

At Duke, a Failure to Communicate

Smart Title: 
Independent panel finds that police failed to reveal racial identity of alleged rape suspect and administrators "underestimated" the situation.


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