Fraternity Fatalities

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Two students died in fraternity-related incidents last week: one from injuries in a fight at Baldwin-Wallace College and one in an apparent hazing activity that involved drinking massive quantities of water at California State University at Chico.

During this academic year, fatalities have already occurred involving fraternities or their parties at Colorado State University, Eastern Michigan University, the University of Colorado, the University of Delaware and the University of Oklahoma.

Terrorism or Stupidity?

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The arrest of a Grinnell student shows that yesteryear's silly prank can be today's felony.

Bogus Transcript Ring in California

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Several community colleges are investigating how phony documents were obtained and submitted.

Professor Charged With Stealing Students' Identities

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Students in the anatomy and physiology course at Polk Community College last fall might have thought it odd that the instructor asked them to sign in for each class on a roster that asked for their names and Social Security numbers, since that wasn't the college's policy.

Partial 'Death Penalty' for Baylor Basketball

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It seems morbidly appropriate, somehow, that a basketball scandal brought to light two years ago because one player killed another should result in the National Collegiate Athletic Association imposing a modified version of its rarely used "death penalty" on Baylor University Thursday.

Crime and Punishment

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3 freshmen went out for a drive. One ended up dead, another in jail. When he gets out, should his college welcome him back?

Academic-FBI Rapprochement

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Bureau appoints panel of university presidents to advise it on relations with higher education.

Fogy Facebook

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U. of Alabama unveiled two new networking Web sites -- and one is for parents.

Knifed Over a Grade

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Police say disgruntled student followed professor home and stabbed her. How can colleges prevent such attacks?

Husband, Wife Indicted as Cuban Agents

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Professor and counselor at Florida International U. charged with covertly helping Castro government.


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