FBI Scrutiny of Aid Applications

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Federal authorities used forms submitted by students to look for terrorists, apparently not finding any.

The Day That Changed a College

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September 11, 2001, left an enormous imprint on CUNY’s criminal justice college -- not least on its curriculum.

Gun Rights vs. College Rights

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State Supreme Court says U. of Utah can't bar firearms, setting up federal court battle on academic freedom and autonomy.

Fraying of Academic Freedom

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Brigham Young places professor on leave over 9/11; Southern Maine shuts exhibit by man who killed police officer; and more incidents.

5 Duquesne Basketball Players Shot

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Incident stuns Pittsburgh campus -- just days after gunman terrorizes college in Montreal.

Safeguarding Campuses

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Shooting at Duquesne reignites debate over which security measures are prudent and which are intrusive.

Melee in Miami

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2 football teams -- one historically notorious, another newly so -- brawl in a big way on Saturday night, and their universities respond.

Bomb Threat Closes a Campus

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Officers blow up a locker at Diablo Valley College after dogs find evidence provoking concern.

Unfair, not Unconstitutional

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Federal judge dismisses suit challenging U.S. law denying student financial aid to those convicted of drug offenses.

One State's Findings on Imbibing

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The charm may have gone out of smoking, but a survey released Thursday suggests that students in Minnesota remain a hard drinking crowd. The study’s author said the results show that tobacco reduction programs can be effective, but that campus health officials have to think up creative solutions to lessen binge drinking.


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