Melee in Miami

2 football teams -- one historically notorious, another newly so -- brawl in a big way on Saturday night, and their universities respond.

Bomb Threat Closes a Campus

Officers blow up a locker at Diablo Valley College after dogs find evidence provoking concern.

Unfair, not Unconstitutional

Federal judge dismisses suit challenging U.S. law denying student financial aid to those convicted of drug offenses.

One State's Findings on Imbibing

The charm may have gone out of smoking, but a survey released Thursday suggests that students in Minnesota remain a hard drinking crowd. The study’s author said the results show that tobacco reduction programs can be effective, but that campus health officials have to think up creative solutions to lessen binge drinking.

Shock and Anger at UCLA

When a student in library didn't have ID, police used Taser on him -- and when video of incident turns up online and on TV, campus debate heats up.

Taser Case Continues to Reverberate

Amid revelations about officer's past incidents, UCLA plans independent review of incident of alleged abuse of student in library.

Avoiding a Legal Shootout

U. of Utah -- its gun ban rejected by state courts -- will seek legislative help rather than a court ruling.

Students as Taliban Helpers?

3 at Texas colleges arrested, leaving educators concerned and some worried about a backlash.

Policing the Dorms

Controversy at UMass raises issues of how far to go in fighting drug activity on campus.

Assault on a Choir

San Francisco youths attacked Yale group on New Year’s Eve, and many wonder what has taken police so long to investigate.


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