Information Technology

Stumbling Upon Secure Data

Journalism adviser at Western Oregon University loses her job for how student newspaper staffers responded after finding file full of Social Security numbers -- on a public server.

For IT, More Risk and More Music

Educause releases annual report on state of information technology.

Well, if They're Already Using It ...

If recent history is any guide, students' online behavior is not only unpredictable, but it would be futile to try to change it.

A Challenge to the Recording Industry?

Eyes were on Oregon last week after the state's attorney general filed a motion to quash subpoenas from the recording industry, arguing, among other reasons, that they violated students' privacy.

A Friendly Reminder

The University of Michigan launched a service last week that automatically notifies students if they're uploading material to peer-to-peer networks.

'Scholarship in the Digital Age'

It's hard to meet academics these days whose work hasn't been changed by the Internet. But even if everyone knows that the world of scholarship has changed, it's not always clear just how or the way those evolutions fit into the broad history of scholarship. Christine L. Borgman sets out to do just that in Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure and the Internet, just published by MIT Press.

Downloading by Students Overstated

Movie lobby blames human error for statistics that were used to call for more regulation of campus networks.

Keeping Citations Straight, and Finding New Ones

CiteULike, a social bookmarking tool, gains ground among scholars looking to share journal articles, trade citations and collaborate online.

Data Breaches Hit More Campuses

Review of news sources and databases shows an increase in the number of both security incidents and affected institutions in the last year.

Open Minds, Open Books, Open Source

Libraries are starting to embrace technologies developed in-house or by other universities. Will they eventually replace third-party vendors?


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