Information Technology

Open Minds, Open Books, Open Source

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Libraries are starting to embrace technologies developed in-house or by other universities. Will they eventually replace third-party vendors?

New Tool for Online Collections

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Open source software package allows libraries, museums and collectors to more easily archive, display and manage their online holdings.

Text, Trust and Third Parties

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As more colleges outsource e-mail, some worry about who will decide which files are secure and which can be disclosed.

Cloudy Vista Ahead?

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Colleges across the country are slow to upgrade to new Windows operating system for a variety of reasons, including compatibility and value.

Next Chapter for E-Books

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New program from SUNY Press makes front-list, hardcover titles available simultaneously in electronic form at price it hopes students can afford.

A Press Revolt Against E-Packet Practices

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Suit against Georgia State University may be start of tangling over how business models for textbook publishing online will evolve.

Hey, You! Pay Attention!

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U. of Chicago law school blocks Internet access in classrooms -- and many students are outraged.

Mysterious Multiplication of Copyright Complaints

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Spike in notices of alleged violations on campuses prompts speculation that record companies are targeting future, not actual, breaches. RIAA chief cites better hardware and software.

When FERPA Affects IT

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Proposed updates to rules governing the federal student privacy law, released in March, could have implications on procedures involving directories and databases.

Want to Download? Take the Quiz

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Missouri U. of Science and Technology allows peer-to-peer traffic only for users who take online quiz on copyright infringement ... every time they download.


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