Information Technology

Taking Facebook Back to Campus

In what could be the next significant shift for social networking in higher education, an upcoming Facebook app will help colleges track students, alumni and potential applicants.

Next Step for Blackboard and Open Source

Following its partnership to integrate with Sakai data, Blackboard backs development of a plug-in for Moodle, the other main open-source alternative in learning management software.

Outsourcing, Open Source and Budget Cuts

Annual survey of campus IT departments finds more spending reductions and embrace of cloud-based e-mail -- and mass adoption of emergency notification systems.

Social Networks, the Next Educational Tool?

A study looks at freshman social networking habits and investigates whether the ubiquitous online tools could promote retention and recruitment goals, too.

Increasing Access, the Online Way

North Carolina decided to boost first-generation and low-income enrollments in its colleges. Its solution? A Web portal and an online application drive at high schools.

Looking at Students and P2P -- With Data

An ongoing study of student network traffic at an Illinois university is already dispelling myths and raising new questions. It might also offer a way out of the policy deadlock.

Maelstrom Over Metadata

A change in policy for how libraries can use and share online catalog data is causing a backlash among open-access proponents and some librarians.

Better Learning With Sites and Sound

New research suggests that Web-based collaboration tools improve students' work, and that comments recorded as audio can deepen understanding.

A Widget Onto the Future

Some educators believe the next frontier for online learning will be portable, customizable Web objects.

With Budget Crunch Hitting IT, Time to Rethink Role?

Colleges' information technology budgets aren't immune to the economic downturn, and some CIOs see opportunity to streamline priorities and recast their mission.


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