Information Technology

Textbook Bonanza

News abounds about bookstores and other providers (on ground and virtual): reunification at Barnes & Noble, infusion for Academos, expansion for free textbook initiative.

Life in a Google Book Search World

Months after Google reached a settlement with copyright holders, concerns remain about the impact its Book Search will have on libraries and potential competitors.

Adding Currency to JSTOR

In collaboration with U. of California Press, digital archive plans to expand to include new issues, promising expanded reach and better technology for publishers and ease of access for libraries.

Where Phones in Class Are OK

New courses about iPhone-application development teach students how to program and design -- and, if they're lucky, make money.

The Mobile Campus

What did Abilene Christian University learn in its first year as a self-appointed guinea pig for mobile learning technology?

Course Hero or Course Villain?

Professors worry that new companies might be making money from their copyrights while encouraging plagiarism among their students.

IT Budgets Take a Hit

Two-thirds of public institutions report reductions, ending years in which information technology costs grew steadily.

Fans and Fears of 'Lecture Capture'


DENVER — If professors record their lectures and put them online, will students still come to class?

That question came up in two different sessions at the 2009 Educause Conference here on Friday. And in both cases, the panelists cited research indicating that students’ likelihood of skipping class has no correlation with whether a professor decides to capture her lecture and post it the Web.

A Win for the Stacks

Facing faculty uproar, Syracuse library pulls back -- at least for now -- from plans to move thousands of books off campus.

Open Access Encyclopedias

In the age of Google and Wikipedia, can higher education create online reference works that are free, scholarly, and economically viable?


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