Information Technology

Opening Up Online Learning

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Publishers and course management systems, often competitors, coalesce around common format for sharing digital material.

The State of Campus Computing

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Annual survey finds wireless is increasingly ubiquitous and security continues to keep IT officials up at night.

Are College Students Techno Idiots?

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They can Google and network on MySpace, but new report questions whether they can use technology to learn something worth knowing.

Return to Sender

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An e-mail survey sent out by Brown stirs up distress among Wesleyan students who are not happy about spam.

Blackboard Patents Challenged

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Open source group asks U.S. to revoke rights asserted by software giant. Sides trade charges on why compromise talks collapsed.

Testing for Technology Literacy

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The California State University system is considering an aggressive tack in assessing students' competence.

A Lesson in Viral Video

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Professor gives his class a real-world demonstration of how to use often-viewed sites to quickly spread content.

Campus Downloading Crackdown

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Music industry's new tack on illegal file sharing lets students settle before being sued -- but puts college officials in the middle.

Another Facebook-Related Fall

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Penn State student's critical postings about fraternity fund raiser for cancer research cost him his newspaper columnist job.

Librarians Tackle Information Illiteracy

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Small liberal arts colleges join the growing movement to deal with limitations of students' research abilities.


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