Information Technology

A Lesson in Viral Video

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Professor gives his class a real-world demonstration of how to use often-viewed sites to quickly spread content.

Campus Downloading Crackdown

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Music industry's new tack on illegal file sharing lets students settle before being sued -- but puts college officials in the middle.

Another Facebook-Related Fall

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Penn State student's critical postings about fraternity fund raiser for cancer research cost him his newspaper columnist job.

Librarians Tackle Information Illiteracy

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Small liberal arts colleges join the growing movement to deal with limitations of students' research abilities.

Defining Privacy -- and Its Limits

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Appeals court ruling outlines student rights with computers in dorm rooms -- and sets narrow exemptions for administrators.

Congress Ups Ante on File Sharing

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House members -- including leaders of education panel -- direct 19 colleges to report on their practices on illegal downloading.

'Customer Management,' From Classroom to Boardroom

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The competition to provide colleges and universities with institutionwide software to manage relationships with all of its constituents is heating up, and one player in the field is bringing in a big name in the higher education software industry to help it launch its new product and expand its reach.

Todd Gibby, a former senior executive at Blackboard, is moving to Intelliworks to become its new CEO as the company readies the next version of its customer relationship package aimed at the higher ed market.

Competing to Catch Plagiarizers

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Blackboard incorporates a plagiarism detection service into its software, posing potential challenge to Turnitin.

Competitive Acrobatics

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Button on new Adobe Reader lets users send PDFs to FedEx Kinko's for printing. Now college print shops say they are being squeezed out.

Is the iPhone Too Popular at Duke?

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The wireless network at the North Carolina university may have problems handling Apple's latest.


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