Information Technology

Mi Lab Es Su Lab

Thanks to innovative software, some MIT laboratories are open to the world.

Privacy Practices Get a Failing Grade

Colleges are behind the curve when it comes to protecting their data from hackers and intrusive bureaucrats, speakers say.

Duke's Ever-Evolving iPod Initiative

Given some of its recent publicity, this might not have been the best time for Duke University to announce that it was altering a highly popular student benefit. But Duke's plan to stop giving students free iPods through its path-setting Duke Digital Initiative and to instead lend them or sell them the devices for a highly subsidized $99 has even struck most students as a logical next step in the maturation of the educational technology program.

Locking Down Departmental Data

Colleges crack down as latest round of cyberattacks show vulnerability of information stored outside central campus networks.

The Future of a Dinosaur

Wireless technology and search engines are just two technologies that might be meteors from which the standard science textbook never recovers.


Mac-using professors have been frustrated by compatibility problems when applying online for federal funds.

Networking, Not Politics

Bloggers at InstaPundit, Daily Kos and Gawker chime in on a new study that explores what students do on the Internet.

So Much for Good Intentions

Interpretation of telecommunications law forces Bowdoin to kill plan to offer free wireless to its off-campus neighbors.

Skype Skirmishes on Campus

Campuses move to restrict popular Internet phone service, citing bandwidth concerns that students dispute.

Opening Up Online Learning

Publishers and course management systems, often competitors, coalesce around common format for sharing digital material.


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