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Out of Control Admissions Hype

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This year's headlines aren't only deceptive, but they may be needlessly discouraging students, many experts say.

NCAA Homes In on High Schools

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Presidents also approve review of why baseball players are struggling academically.

Ready or Not

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Students' preparation for college and work require the same learning ingredients, ACT report finds, but states are failing the grade.

Prowling for Cash

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Colleges are angered to be told by new college guide that if they don't take out ads, they will get blank pages.

No Pain, No Gain

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Educators consider how to make high schools more rigorous so low-income students can qualify for new federal grants for college.

The Hot Choice, Post-College

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Teach For America sees record number of applicants, and is becoming more competitive than many top law schools.

What Really Counts in Getting In

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Study finds surprising correlations between certain extracurricular activities and college admissions -- and Bourdieu may have provided explanations.

Admissions Revolution

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Lloyd Thacker's reform movement -- previously viewed as too idealistic -- gains support from presidents and foundations. It just might have legs.

Arts Education, Street Style

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For one DePaul professor, art is outside the box, and outside the classroom.

A Different Diversity Debate

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U.S. civil rights panel takes up K-12 cases, which many say will have reverberations throughout higher education.


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