High schools

Hispanic Students Lose a Potential Leg Up

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Groups that help Latino youth prepare for college shut out of Education Department competition for grant funds. 

Sociology, Gender and Higher Ed

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New research examines women in the professoriate and the impact of athletics on academic performance.

Scaring Seniors Straight

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By revoking admission of applicants who goof off late in high school, U. of Washington hopes to do small part to fight "senioritis."

Affirmative Action for White C+ Guys

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Towson University, facing a gender gap, starts admissions program for those with high SAT scores and lower grades.

Coaching and Lasting Out New SAT

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College Board admits test-prep can boost writing scores, suggests complaints about test length will get no relief.

The Need for Another Sputnik

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The U.S. public doesn't yet share academic leaders' belief in the importance of math and science education, poll suggests.

Seeking a New Skills Revolution

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Proposal to overhaul American education would use key test at age 16 and revamp teacher training.

Another Stab at Science Education

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National Science Board committee grapples with solutions for improving education and teaching in STEM fields.

Profiling the American Freshman

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First-year students are talking politics and becoming less moderate in their views, an annual survey finds.

Higher Ed and the High Schools

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College and state leaders gather to discuss better aligning K-12 and postsecondary ed, a problem some see as intractable.


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