High schools

Great(er) Expectations

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New report shows increases in number of states aligning high school and college curriculums and raising standards.

An A for Your Aid Award Letter (or an F?)

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New Web site "decodes" -- and grades -- financial aid award letters.

'College Prep' Without 'College' or 'Prep'

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The various reports calling for more rigorous high school preparation tend to be based on a few underlying assumptions, one of them being a strong positive correlation between completing a core college preparatory curriculum and college/workplace success.

Legislating College Credits

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Georgia chancellor opposes state bill that would let students with International Baccalaureate diplomas place out of first year at colleges.

Stanford ... Without Tests and Tuition

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University investigates two cases in which people claimed to be part of the institution but were not.

Admitted -- to College and Grad School

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To attack STEM shortage, CUNY chancellor proposes accepting promising freshmen into Ph.D. programs in science and math.

The College Experience ... If You Can Pay

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Pre-college summer programs grow in popularity, possibly losing their attractiveness to undergraduate admissions officers.

Second Thoughts on Admissions Reform

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Counselors voted last year to bar making offers before September 15 of senior year of high school; some universities now seek a new vote.

Early (Encouraging) Data on Early Colleges

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While most programs are new, evidence emerges that they are having success with the disadvantaged students who frequently are lost to higher ed.

A Common Complaint

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Reversing course after criticism, the Common Application will again start allowing students to modify already submitted materials for individual colleges.


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