When 'Digital Natives' Go to the Library

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College and university librarians got some unconventional advice Saturday: Play more video games.

At a packed session for academic librarians attending the annual meeting of the American Library Association, in Washington, the topic was how to help students who have learned many of their information gathering and analysis skills from video games apply that knowledge in the library. Speakers said that gaming skills are in many ways representative of a broader cultural divide between today's college students and the librarians who hope to teach them.

A Provost and Librarian Walk Into a Meeting...

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Panel of chief academic officers advises college library leaders how to present their case for funding and get what they want.

More Than Coffee and Wireless

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College planners discuss ways to bring other academic offices into library buildings.

Ideas to Shake Up Publishing

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Unusual study leads to proposals for university presses to collaborate, to broaden definition of "academic publishing," and to build online capabilities.

New Model for University Presses

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Rice's unique, online approach takes shape -- in part by collaborating with traditional presses that can't afford to release books they believe have merit.

Publishing and Values

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Anthropology association's decision to leave a university press for a commercial entity infuriates many scholars -- and raises questions about the future of scholarly societies and open access.

Open Minds, Open Books, Open Source

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Libraries are starting to embrace technologies developed in-house or by other universities. Will they eventually replace third-party vendors?

New Tool for Online Collections

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Open source software package allows libraries, museums and collectors to more easily archive, display and manage their online holdings.

SMU's Deal With Bush

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Despite the concerns of many of its faculty members and historians nationwide, Southern Methodist University agreed to terms Friday for becoming the home of President Bush's library and of an institute that will promote the president's views and that will not be controlled by the university.

Post-Microsoft, Libraries Mull Digitization

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After software giant announces end to book-scanning program, partner institutions consider the landscape, now dominated by Google and nonprofit efforts.


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