Libraries of the Future

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What will they look like? Prediction about vanishing physical infrastructure intrigues some college librarians and frustrates others.

Bookless Libraries?

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Technology leaders and librarians consider how the digital age changes the physical space and role of one of higher education's oldest institutions.

Black History At Risk?

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Howard U. might not be closing center that holds celebrated historical collections after all, but some worry about staffing shortages and inadequate facilities there.

Furor Over Anti-Gay Blog

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Some at Purdue want to see a librarian fired, but amid fierce debate over tolerance and free expression, university declines to do so.

A Win for the Stacks

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Facing faculty uproar, Syracuse library pulls back -- at least for now -- from plans to move thousands of books off campus.

Is Google Good for History?

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At gathering of historians, both critics and fans of book digitization project see great benefits and significant flaws. Some see culture clash between search engine giant and scholars.

Text Generation

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Will the decision of many college libraries to encourage students to text queries from their phones cheapen the research process, or rescue it?

E-Library Economics

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New research indicates that e-book oriented libraries could save colleges a bundle, but academics may have a hard time letting go of the stacks.

Uphill Battle on Digital Preservation

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WASHINGTON — In a report released in February, 17 librarians, scientists, and technologists spent 116 pages detailing the challenges of preserving culturally valuable digital artifacts. But at a symposium held Thursday to discuss the findings, it was perhaps Derek Law, chair of JISC Advance, a British advocate for technology in higher education, who articulated the problem most succinctly:

Eroding Library Role?

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If libraries do not seriously rethink their role in the lives of researchers, they could come to be seen more as resource purchasers than as research collaborators, according to a report released today by the nonprofit group Ithaka S+R.


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