Library association releases 'best practices' for avoiding copyright suits

Association of Research Libraries spells out principles and best practices for making copyrighted materials as free as possible while avoiding lawsuits.

American Library Association

Fri, 01/20/2012 to Tue, 01/24/2012


650 S. Griffin St.
Dallas , Texas 75202
United States

Education Department releases new data on academic libraries

Latest Education Department data show steady overall spending, a boom in e-books and rising costs of electronic journal subscriptions.

Ryan Gosling pick-up line meme reaches academe


Satirical blogs explore whether a Hollywood sex symbol can make academic pick-up lines seem smooth.

Library associations say legislation could expose them to copyright prosecution

Fair use advocates worry that a new House bill could make it easier to bring criminal charges against librarians for copyright missteps.

E-book acquisition based on use and demand could save libraries thousands

Patron-Driven Acquisition model could provide major budget windfalls as libraries become more digital and data-driven.

Booting Down

Students might not be the "multitasking slackers" some believe them to be, according to a new study.

Library Limbo

Faculty members say U. of San Diego layoffs of library workers whose jobs weren't digital fly in the face of the Catholic institution's social teachings.

Integrated Solutions

Citing a need to save money and rethink information access, several liberal arts colleges have placed libraries and IT in the same administrative unit.

Know Thine Audience

At Sustainable Scholarship conference, academic librarians and publishers discuss why understanding readers is more essential than ever in the digital age.


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