Date Announced: 
Fri, 12/16/2016

Librarians criticize Greta Van Susteren after 'vanity projects' comments

Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren attacks libraries and other construction projects for driving up student debt. Librarians are not amused.

Letter from publishers' group adds to debate over Sci-Hub and librarians who study it

Association of American Publishers complains about Cal State librarian who studies popularity of pirated scientific papers. Cal State defends its librarian.

Dean of libraries

Date Announced: 
Thu, 07/07/2016

Study explores faculty views on scholarly communication and information use

Study explores faculty members' views on scholarly communication, the use of information and the state of academic libraries and their concerns about students' research skills.

San Jose State University library attack highlights safety issues

Many campus libraries are open to those with no affiliation with the colleges and are proud of that tradition -- even as it sometimes raises safety issues.


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