Publishers will appeal district court's decision in e-reserve copyright case

Publishers say they will appeal district court ruling on landmark Georgia State copyright case, raising the stakes on a case that could set bar for fair use and digital library reserves.

Dean of libraries

Date Announced: 
Fri, 08/24/2012

Judge slaps down injunction request in Georgia State copyright case

Judge in Georgia State copyright case deals another blow to publishers, declares victory for the university.

Library groups see double standard in Authors Guild's stand against HathiTrust

Academic library associations try to use Authors Guild's position in the Google Books lawsuit to undercut its stand against HathiTrust.

Libraries say Supreme Court case could make lending foreign-made books illegal

Library associations say Supreme Court case could make it illegal to lend books and other materials that were manufactured overseas.

Coping with Copyrights in The Electronic Era

Thu, 07/12/2012

Research foresees demand-driven book acquisition replacing librarians' discretion

How could the rise of patron-driven acquisition at academic libraries affect the university presses that rely on librarians to buy unpopular monographs?


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