Library budgets continue to shrink relative to university spending

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Decades of Education Department data show universities allocating less money to libraries as overall spending has ballooned.

Library association releases 'best practices' for avoiding copyright suits

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Association of Research Libraries spells out principles and best practices for making copyrighted materials as free as possible while avoiding lawsuits.

American Library Association

Fri, 01/20/2012 to Tue, 01/24/2012


650 S. Griffin St.
Dallas , Texas 75202
United States

Education Department releases new data on academic libraries

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Latest Education Department data show steady overall spending, a boom in e-books and rising costs of electronic journal subscriptions.

Ryan Gosling pick-up line meme reaches academe

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Satirical blogs explore whether a Hollywood sex symbol can make academic pick-up lines seem smooth.

Library associations say legislation could expose them to copyright prosecution

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Fair use advocates worry that a new House bill could make it easier to bring criminal charges against librarians for copyright missteps.

E-book acquisition based on use and demand could save libraries thousands

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Patron-Driven Acquisition model could provide major budget windfalls as libraries become more digital and data-driven.


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