NYU Strike Is Over -- Without Contract

Graduate students resume teaching duties, failing to win recognition of their union.

End of the Picket Line

Experts consider why a strike failed to get NYU to recognize a union -- even as graduate students seek new strategies to win collective bargaining.

On the Payroll, Permanently

U. of Wisconsin converts seasonal jobs into full-time ones, the latest move by colleges to treat their lowest-income employees better. 

Ruling Worries Academic Labor

NLRB changes definition of who is a supervisor in way that some fear could hurt unionization of faculty members.

Appeals Court Backs Adjunct Union

George Washington U. loses bid to block collective bargaining for part-time faculty members.

New Push for Full-Time Faculty Jobs

AFT plans to push state legislation to counter erosion of tenure-track positions. Can long-term adjuncts and new Ph.D.'s both gain?

Open the Books, Professors Plead

A union at the Community College of Philadelphia calls for greater financial transparency.

Hunger Doesn't Wait

On Day 25 of a hunger strike at Purdue University, Mark Franciose's fatigue registered even through the phone lines. His tired, quiet voice -- and the sustained pauses in conversation -- conveyed just how much he was struggling to fully wake up early Monday afternoon.

Friction at RISD

Did a no confidence vote in the president of the Rhode Island School of Design succeed in jumpstarting the dialogue faculty members were seeking?

Ethical Dilemma

Southern Illinois professors feel careers could be at risk because the state thinks they completed a required test too quickly.


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