(Virtual) Exile in Hawaii

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Professor sues after university restricts him from campus while it investigates complaints of his "intimidating" behavior.

AAUP Will Reorganize

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Strategy is to create more separation of collective bargaining and other functions.

Solidarity No More?

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An institute for labor studies finds itself facing the ax -- and its supporters are striking back.

Picketing Begins at U. of Minnesota

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Clerical, technical and health care workers go on strike at the University of Minnesota, but classes continue and officials say impact is minimal.

Adding Hunger to the Strike

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Students at the University of Minnesota show support for striking union workers, pulling a tactic from the campus protest handbook: starving themselves.

Minnesota Strike Ends, and Offer Goes to Workers

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Employees at University of Minnesota will vote on the proposed contract and return to work, despite what union calls "unfair" offer.

Stalemate for Pace U. Adjuncts

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Three years after part-time professors won recognition for their union, they don't have a contract.

Pushing for Job Conversions

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Budget bill for community colleges in Washington State may represent union campaign's first success at shifting positions from part-time to full-time -- and the plan is not embraced by all adjuncts.

New Impacts Seen for Faculty Unions

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Colleges where professors have collective bargaining rely more on the tenure track and less on adjuncts, but spend less on academic support, study finds.

Office Staff Feeling Overworked

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AFT survey shows clerical and technical employees at schools and colleges say they often stay past regular hours without receiving overtime.


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