Defeat for Academic Labor

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Senate Republicans in Wisconsin find way to pass governor's plan to bar or limit most collective bargaining in public sector.

In It Together in California

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Faculty unions and the Los Rios and San Diego Community College Districts find labor harmony by basing contracts on shared revenue agreements.

Feeling the Heat to Retire

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Senior faculty at Vermont state college say they were told to step aside or junior faculty would have to be let go.

A Heavier Load in Ohio

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Governor’s plan to force faculty to teach one more class every two years sparks more bitterness.

'Organize Or Die' in Florida

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Three bills that are advancing in Florida’s statehouse are pushing faculty union leaders to ramp up organizing efforts this semester to stave off the extinction of several chapters.

One of the bills would require a majority of faculty members to officially join unions -- and it would decertify the unions if they did not cross that threshold. At many campuses, a majority of faculty are not members, and signing up would require them to have 1 percent of their salaries deducted for union dues.

The Endgame Approaches

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As Ohio's bill barring collective bargaining advances, a U.S. Senator calls it a "terrible mistake."

Rallying Back

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Higher education union leaders vow to fight on, despite crushing losses in states.

Change of Leadership at AAUP

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Following a vote not to renew his contract, Gary Rhoades is expected to leave position as general secretary.

Looking Beyond Themselves

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Administrators and unions should work to restore “collective” to the notion of collective bargaining in higher education, conference participants say.

Separate and Unequal

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The plight of the faculty's invisible majority -- adjuncts -- takes center stage at collective bargaining conference.


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